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ECL Telecom offers a comprehensive range of system across multiple manufacturers. We specialise in the supply and installation of Samsung Telephone Systems and its numerous applications. We can cater for simple small office systems to a fully data conversant multi-site solutions. Our expertise in this field allows our clients to benefit from the latest technology as we can provide the most-up-to-date solutions and applications.


Samsung Platinum Business Partner A system to suit your business

Samsung systems and applications are suited to any business and provide the perfect solution to any problem you might have. Browse through the portfolio of systems and handsets below to see which one is right for your business.

System Maintenance and On-going Support

We understand that telecommunications are vital to your business. Continuity of service is key, so a fast and efficient support & maintenance service is crucial if things go wrong. All of our engineers and account managers are highly skilled and have years of industry experience, this means that they are well equipped to quickly diagnose the majority of problems that can occasionally occur with your telecoms apparatus and lines.

Maintenance can be taken out on an annual basis and is priced based upon the equipment covered. 3 and 5 year agreements can be taken out and with these come long term discounts.

Maintenance can be paid on renewal once a year or for network customers can be split into 12 bite size payments to appear on your monthly invoice.

There are two maintenance options which are detailed below;

Standard Contract

Our Standard Contract offers cover for on-site parts & labour for all proprietary components of the supported telecoms apparatus, together with telephone technical support, when appropriate.

16 Working Hour Response for Minor Problems
We will respond to any minor problems within 16 working hours or less.

4 Working Hour Response for Major Failures
We respond to major failures within our 4 working hour target.

Free Remote Programming
When a system is capable of being programmed remotely and a remote access modem has been installed, we can conduct minor programming changes remotely without charge, thus avoiding additional charges for an engineer’s visit. Major changes will incur a charge.

24/7 Contract

Our “24/7 Contract” has all of the benefits of our “Standard Contract” plus the addition of cover 24 hours, 7 days a week for major failures i.e. if you report a major fault at any time, we will aim to respond within 4 hours. To set this up, please contact your Account Manager on 01323 403503.