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Call Recording

If we could provide the following information direct to your inbox and desktop PC……

  • Analysis of calls that are made through your office phone system
  • Track how many calls come into your business per day and how they are handled
  • Report on how many calls go unanswered into your business
  • Capture the CLI from a potential new client that you have missed a call from so you can call them back
  • Having access to statistical information about your companies telecommunication activity 24/7

…would it be of interest to you??

If you could review the activity of your staff in real-time on wall boards around the office


…would it be of interest to you??

Why would you want to record your calls?

  • Protect the company and our clients and customers
  • Establish the existence of facts
  • Ensure effective operation of systems
  • Compliance with regulatory practises – FSA & Law Society
  • Demonstrate standards and procedures
  • Investigate abuse of the business’s telecoms systems
  • Training and evaluation of new staff and existing staff
  • Dispute avoidance/ dispute handling


If the answer to any of the above is yes, speak to us about call reporting or call record.
Call us on 01323 403503.