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Inbound Solutions

Inbound is a telephony service for both geographic and non-geographic numbers that provides online access to a full range of call routing, monitoring and managing tools to empower any business with the perfect customer service.

Available as Contact Point, Contact Path and Contact Pro, ECL Telecom’s Inbound services need no capital outlay, can be set up on the network in minutes for maximum operational flexibility, and are incredibly easy to use.

The benefits of Inbound

  • Can be used with any number, anywhere, from any device – available on both geographic (01/02) and non-geographic (08/03) numbers and accessed through a secure user friendly website that can be accessed from any device
  • Easy to use – the entire service is designed to be jargon free, intuitive, and enables users to become very productive, very quickly
  • Immediate to set up – everything’s online and directly feeds into the network giving the ability to instantly create or make changes to call plans, announcements and other features
  • No capital outlay – no set up costs means that it can be funded out of operational spend, enabling quick decision making and implementation

Simple call routing to comprehensive call centre services


Non Geographic Numbers

  • Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery
    Never miss a customer’s call and reduce insurance premiums
  • Rationalisation/Efficiency Gains
    More efficient pass through of calls to relevant destination
  • Define your Inbound Call Routing
    Decide how you want to handle inbound calls, when, where and how
  • Create a Local Presence
    Numbers from any STD codes in the UK regardless of office location


There are a range of NGN’s to choose from, including;

Freephone (0800 or 0808) – Your customer calls you for free and you pay for the call. Great for sales driven organisations.

Local Rate (0845) – You pay nothing – your customer pays the same Local Rate from anywhere within the UK.

Local Special Rate (0844) – These give you the opportunity to generate revenue while still keeping the call cost fairly low for the caller. Rate range from 1p/min to 5p/min and the rebates reflect that.

National Special Rate (0871) – as with 0870 numbers you receive a rebate.  This number costs the caller considerably more and is often used for services such as IT Support lines.

Out of Area Numbers – a Business based in Brighton can have a local presence in other towns all over the UK.  We supply you with a telephone number local to the area you would like to attract business from. Calls to this number are seamlessly forwarded to your actual office. For example, if you were based in Oxford, and wished to attract new business from Brighton, we would supply you with an 01273 number.

Golden Numbers

If you are looking for a particularly memorable number we can provide Golden Numbers. 

These start from £500 and can be as much as £2500 subject to the quality of the number.

Should you see a benefit to your business in using Non-Geographic Numbers, or you would like to discuss any other areas relating to advertising with NGN’s, please contact our sales team on 01323 403503 or email us at: