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CAT5 & CAT6 Cabling

CablingCategory 5/6 Structured Cabling is a standard that enables you to connect all of your telephone and computer peripherals in a single, easy to manage, network cabling infrastructure, and once you’ve had structured cabling installed, you will wonder how you have managed all this time without it.

So, what does it take to install it? Using an office floor plan, you need to determine where all your telephones, fax machines, PCs and Printers need to be installed and working. The next step is to choose a location in your building that can house the necessary hardware; this is generally termed as a communications room or area.

A single cable can now be run to each point that was originally identified on the office floor plan. Depending on the size of your building and the number of staff, a large number of cables may need to be run which means that cable trunking will almost certainly be required.

Once all the cables have been installed they need to be terminated both at the patch panel and at the RJ45 sockets around your building. Each socket is labelled with its own personal number and its corresponding patch panel outlet is marked with the same number in the patch cabinet

Any future changes or relocations of staffing positions can now be easily managed and you are now in full control of your communications networking infrastructure.

This system of cabling allows you to benefit from high speed data transmission on an integrated and flexible network. It will give you the platform necessary for both your telephony and data communications now and in the future.