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Business Lines & Calls

Call Charges:

Over 5000 businesses currently benefit from using ECL Telecom Telecom for their calls and lines. You may think you are already getting a good deal on your telephone bill, but by taking the time to speak to one of our account managers, you will find that we can save you money by switching to ECL Telecom as your provider. We operate a price promise so you can be assured of getting the most competitive price.

Our prices are bespoke to your business and deliver cost savings to the destinations that will benefit you most.

Why choose ECL Telecom for your calls and lines?

  • Cheaper calls guaranteed
  • Up to 65% cheaper than BT’s line rental
  • Free line installations available
  • Calls billed to the tenth of a penny
  • 24/7 Fault reporting

Enquire now and see how much you can saveTransferring to ECL Telecom is seamless. Your service continues uninterrupted with no physical change to the lines or telephone numbers.


Line Rental:

In addition to making cheaper calls, you can also benefit from switching your line rental supplier to ECL Telecom. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from a complete, convenient line rental package that can save you up to 65% off BT’s charges.

What are the benefits to you?

  • Up to 65% price reduction on line rentals
  • 24/7 Fault Support in the UK
  • Free line installations available
  • One point of contact


We can arrange any additional lines that you may want installed, and should you experience any technical difficulties, you simply call the ECL Telecom fault number 24/7. They will diagnose the fault and contact the Openreach Faults Department directly.

Analogue Lines (PSTN)

These are your basic lines.  They are most commonly used as a phone or fax line and to give broadband access. (Broadband can only be installed on a single analogue line)

The minimum lead time for installing a new single analogue line is 5 working days.

ISDN2 Lines (BRI)

A basic rate ISDN line provides two ‘channels’, each of which can be used for separate calls, thus equivalent to having two regular lines. ISDN2 is provided in pairs each of which is described as a circuit.  ISDN2 is traditionally used where a client requires digital lines but not require more than 8 channels.

ISDN allows numerous features that are not available on analogue lines.  These include Direct Dial numbers (DDIs), Trunk to Trunk calls, Caller Line Identity Presentation (CLIP).  ISDN2 lines can also carry data and are sometimes used for CCTV and other data circuits.

ISDN30 Lines (PRI)

ISDN30 or primary rate as it is sometimes called is delivered via a bearer as opposed to multiple circuit boxes.  The bearer allows for a minimum of 8 channels and a maximum of 30 channels, although you can have multiple bearers on one number. 

Most of the same features that are available on ISDN2 are available on ISDN30, but the key benefit of ISDN30 is that the set-up costs become much cheaper per channel as the volumes increase.  ISDN 30 also allows a customer to increase line capacity one line at a time, whereas ISDN2 must go up in pairs.

SIP Trunks

A Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) connection is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service that connects a company’s private branch exchange (PBX) telephone system to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) via the Internet.

Using a SIP connection may simplify administration for the organization as the SIP connection typically uses the same Internet access that is used for data. This often removes the need to install Basic Rate Interface (BRI) or Primary Rate Interface (PRI) telephone circuits.  SIP trunks are also significantly cheaper than ISDN channels.

Transferring to ECL Telecom is seamless, with no loss or interruption of service.

Click here to send your latest BT bill to us and we’ll show you how much you could save.

Free Line Installations

Moving site?  Need more lines?

If you commit to using ECL Telecom for your calls and lines for a period of 3 or 5 years, you could get your new lines installed Free of Charge!

Find out how much you could save, just email and ask about free line installations.

Temporary Telephone Lines

Are you on a temporary site or a building site?  Are you planning an event or exhibition?

Some providers cannot provide lines on temporary sites but at ECL Telecom we can install temporary lines into porta cabins, docked ships, and at events and exhibitions.

Contact our provisioning team to find out more at